What is an ASME code interpretation?

The interpretations are replies of the technical inquiries. In order of case, we will face some our concerns about the code due to misunderstanding or misinformation cross reference. So, we need to clear a question or apply range of qualification in procedures, welder qualification, acceptance criteria, etc.

All of you, we have no more time to read many codes and standards. So, how we need to minimize time to figure out and quickly lookup? and how to combination of PQRs, range of thickness qualification, range of acceptance, test specimen, etc?

Here, we would like to guide you some tips:

  • Finding your concern at “INDEX” subject, which you can find in the book.
  • Learning the previously “INTERPRETATIONS”, which you also find in the book or publisher's book.

How to find the ASME interpretations?

You can find the interpretations in latest edition or internet database. The latest interpretations may not currently show in book, you also find at ASME Portal.

Find in the book

You may find the interpretation number at the number index of book.  A latest edition was not included in the book, it can search on the internet.


Step 1: enter your specification or rule number in the text box "Standard Designation".

Example, I need to find the interpretation of ASME BPV Section IX.

Step 2: Click "Search" at below bottom and then all interpretations of ASME BPC Section IX will list out as below photo. 

Step 3: find your inquiry here by "Ctrl + F".

Example, I would like to find "impact test for PQR with combined welding process".

Step 4: Click the inquiry "Section IX, Impact Test Qualification of Multiprocess Welds", the answer as detailed.

So, your inquiry was clear in the ASME interpretations and you also can find other code at ASME portal (ASME B31.1, B31.3, ASME BPV Section VIII, etc) as guided at Step 1.

Nguyen Duy Bien

Enjoy learning and researching, reading book. Knowledge welding inspection painting inspection.

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