AWS D1.1 2015 edition – Tolerance of Joint Dimensions – Tolerance of joint details – Visual inspection

Joint details in WPS should detail of tolerance in Clause 5.214.1.

  • Fillet weld assembly, see 5.21.1
  • PJP groove weld assembly, see5.21.2
  • Groove dimension, see 5.21.4

What are essential variables in WPS?

  • Table 4.5, line #31: A change in groove type (e.g., single-V to double-V), except qualification of any CJP grove weld qualifies for any groove detail conforming with the requirement of 3.12, 3.13, 9.10 or 9.11
  • Table 4.5, line #33: A change exceeding the tolerance of 3.12, 3.13,, or 9.10, 9.11, 9.11.2 and involving:
    1. A decrease in the groove angle
    2. A decrease in the root opening
    3. An increase in the root face.

In groove weld, most questions were raised in case of out of tolerance such root opening / root gap are not allowed 20 mm or not greater of twice the thickness of thinner member, whichever is less.

Clause 3.12 / 3.13 are the requirement of prequalified WPS, also see the details of joint in Figure 3.2 and Figure 3.3. All details are very clear to prepare a WPS.

Figure 5.3 given the details of tolerance assembly in groove weld:

Figure 5.3 a) – groove weld without backing – root not backgouged.

Figure 5.3 b) – groove weld with backing – root not backgouged.

Figure 5.3 c) – groove weld without backing – root backgouged.

How to set up a weld detail in pWPS?

  • Joint detail follows Figure 3.3 (CJP)

Fit-up tolerance?

  • See figure 5.3 and Figure 9.7 through 9.16.

Weld profile?

  • See Figure 5.4.

Visual inspection?

  • Table 6.1 and Table 9.16                          


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