CSWIP Notes – GTAW / TIG welding process

The questions and answers based on the document no. WIS5-90516b - CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector. These question are separated by each section, it makes easy for reading and learning.

Q_12.1: Which polarity is normally used for GTAW welding of aluminium?
Answer: AC
Most materials welded by GTAW require DC EN, but aluminium is very difficult to weld. Aluminium is often welded using alternating current (AC). I am not experience in aluminium welding process, please learn more TWI Job Knowledge 6 or welding consumable data sheet / its certificates.

Q_12.2: When considering the tungsten arc welding process what is the purpose of the down-slope (slope-out) control?
Answer: To help prevent the formation of crater pipe and possible cracking.
Note: It is normally find in at the end of weld pass, after switch off arc. You can see clearly on PT method for stainless steel.

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