CSWIP Notes – SAW welding process

The questions and answers based on the document no. WIS5-90516b - CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector. These question are separated by each section, it makes easy for reading and learning.

Q_14.1: Increasing the arc voltage with constant current and travel speed will?
Answer: Produce a flatter, wider bead, and increase flux consumption.

Q_14.2 Which power source characteristic if increase current greater than 1000 amps 
Answer: Drooping/constant current

Q_14.3: Fused Fluxes
Answer: No need to bake and cannot make basic fused flux.

Q_14.4: Why install the run out/run off plate at both of weld joint?
Answer: Eliminate welding imperfection at starting arc and finishing arc.

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