CSWIP Notes – Weldability of steel

The questions and answers based on the document no. WIS5-90516b - CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector. These question are separated by each section, it makes easy for reading and learning.

Q_17.1: Using a stabilized stainless steel will reduce the risk of?
Answer: Weld decay
Learn more: WIS5 Section 17.6

Q_17.2: A long centerline crack has been detected in a submerged arc weld bead this may be due to
Answer: Weld bead is deep and narrow.
Learn more: WIS5 Section 17.4

Q_17.3: A steel designated as “Z” quality will have:
Answer: Through-thickness ductility values > 20%
Learn more: WIS5 Section 17.5.3 (reference) and material specification

Q_17.4: Which material is pre-heating most likely to be required?
Answer: most high strength alloy steels (HSAL) is required pre-heat before welding either than low carbon steel, mid-steel or austenitic stainless steel. Heat treatment may be applied to reduce stress after welding.

Q_17.5: In the welding of austenitic pipe work, main purpose of purging argon?
Answer: Prevent oxidation of the rood bead

Q_17.6: In the welding of Austenitic stainless steels, the electrode and plate material can be purchased with LOW carbon contents. The reason for this is to prevent?
Answer: The formation of chromium carbides.

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Maria Gracia

Nice post you published here and is very informative. A structured plan for welding training is your best approach to achieve certifications, designations, and ultimately perform complete, safe and quality welds on a variety of materials used in today’s vehicles. The training intensity and demands increase with each step along the path.

Jamal akhtar
Jamal akhtar

Its a great blog to enhance welding inspection skills..
Pls add topics & questions related to ASME standerd
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