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The questions and answers based on the document no. WIS5-90516b - CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector. These question are separated by each section, it makes easy for reading and learning.

Q_16.1: Manual metal arc electrodes can be grouped into three main types.
Answer: Basic, cellulosic and rutile

Q_16.2: The chemical composition of the weld metal deposited by a C-Mn steel MMA 
electrode is usually controlled by:
Answer: Additions in the flux coating.

Q_16.3: An SMAW electrode which is classified as an E6013 (according to AWS A5.1 or A5.5 ) mean?
Answer: Rutile type

An AWS A5.1/5.1M or ASME SFA 5.1/5.1M Table 1 “Electrode Classification”. Designation E4313 uses SI Units, designation E6013 uses U.S. Customary Units.
E: expressed Electrode
60: expressed Tensile strength (PSI)
1: expressed All Position
3: High titania potassium consistent, Rutile type

Cellulose type, end in 0, 1: E6010, E6011, E7010, E8011, 
Rutile type, end in 2, 3, 4: E6012, E6013, E6014,
Basic type, end in 5, 6, 8: E7015, E7016, E7018

Note: America standards expressed minimum tensile strength in SI Unit “70 PSI” or US Customary Unit “40 MPa”.

Learn more: WIS5 Section 16.2
Learn more: EN ISO 2560 A E4321 and EN ISO 2560 B E5516

Method A: EN ISO 2560 A E4321
• 43: expressed minimum yield strength and impact absorbed 47J
Method A: EN ISO 2560 B E5516
• 55: expressed minimum tensile strength and impact absorbed 27J

Q_16.4: Basic electrodes are often sold vacuum packed. The reason is:
Answer: They have been packed at the manufactures at a hydrogen level less than 5ml per 100g of weld metal deposited.

Q_16.5: A typical baking temperature for basic low hydrogen electrodes is:
Answer: 350 deg. C for 1 hour (min.) and then drying at 120 – 150 deg. C
Learn more: WIS5 Section 16.3

Q_16.6: Silicon is added to steel and the covering of MMA electrodes to:
Answer: Provide deoxidation.

Q_16.7: Manual metal arc welding of low alloy steels is more likely to be performed with
Answer: Basic hydrogen controlled electrodes

Q_16.8: Which electrode types of basic, rutile, cellulose would produces the lowest levels of hydrogen?
Answer: Basic coated electrodes when baked correctly immediately prior to use

Q_16.9: The weld metal deposits of manual metal arc electrode achieves its mechanical strength through?
Answer: The flux coating, because of metal core is a rimming steel

Q_16.10: Submerged arc fluxes can be supplied in two forms; these are?
Answer: Fused and agglomerated

Q_16.11: The type of SAW flux is more resistance to moisture absorption:
Answer: Fused

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