Guide to make a material receiving inspection report

Material inspection report is a document which recorded before cutting/welding or other activities by welding inspector or fabricator's inspector.

This article will share you how to minimize an inspection report and meet your Client' requirement.

First of all, we need to know and understand the project specification and acceptance criteria of material, approval vendor list, restriction, etc

Material receiving inspection report (MRIR) must issue out for review and approve by Client before process cutting/welding.

Material inspection and acceptance base on the approval purchase specification(PS)/purchase order (PO).

  • PS shall be issued out by Design Engineering or Client
  • PO shall be issued by fabricator which based on Bill of Material, It was take out from IFC drawings.

Which important notes should focus during material inspection and review its MTC (material testing certificate) comply with specification?

1. Material specifications

2. Supplementary requirement

  • Type of inspection: type 3.1 or 3.2.
  • Additional test such as transverse tensile test for plate, specified low temperature for CVN, chemical composition or heat treatment, etc.
  • NACE MR0175 or Irregular corrosion test, etc.
  • Country of origin.

Note: some projects are restricted material from China and India. Inspector/fabricator should note in the quote and during bidding.

3. Manufacturer's material are listed in the approval vendor list or not?

Check in project requirement, vendor list from Owner/Enduser.

4. Actual product marking are matched  with MTC or not?

Check carefully product marking.

Note: pipe fitting or forged fitting may be marked the code marking or code head, or other trace as stated in MTC.

5. Issue MRIR report

Suggest information in MRIR as photo or download format here.

You should record the heat number/cast number and MTC's certificate number for further record in the welding summary or material traceability.

MRIR Report 

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