How to receive money from oversea (free banking account for welding inspector)

If you are a freelancer or MMO, please dont miss Payonner Service and Paypall Service. One of both are the same service to receive and send money. But Payoneer is considered stabilization with Paypal.


Payoneer account is also an banking account, and it can global transfer money. The best way to receive money from your Client/Owner, and low fee than paypal.

You can sign up from your country, and then add on checking account for withdrawn money from Payoneer. I think it is a good solution for freelancer or "Make Money Online" and welding inspector.

To compare with local agency payment, you will be deduced at least 32% from Company Incoming Tax (22%) plus bearing Personal Incoming Tax (10%). After that you will receive the balance of 78% of amount payment. 

So, the best solution for freelancer of a global payment on the internet by Payoneer with lower transfer rate (2%), sign up and read more fee here.

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After click above bottom, you will see as below photo is correct.

Advantage of Payoneer Service?

  1. Free Prepaid Master Card (receive from US),
  2. A checking account under your name and your ID card,
  3. Withdraw at any local and lower fees,
  4. Global payment and transfer money,

Which documents must available during sign up?

  1. Your ID card for verification at final submission of personal document,
  2. Email (gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc) for access payoneer account,
  3. Your phone number for verification,
  4. Local checking account (No debit or credit card) for withdrawing money,
  5. Your address to received Prepaid Master Card,

Sequence to sign up a new Payoneer Account!

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Click “Sign Up & Earn $25”  > Next

Next: choice “Individual account” and fill out your information > Next

Note: Please state your name, birthday as national ID card and most use email for verification.

Fill out the address information and this address will be received Prepaid Card and phone number should your mobile for verification. > Next

Please fill out your company address or your home address.

Fill out security information as password and security question, and your national ID > Next

Note: National ID should be corrected because Payoneer shall request to upload your document for verification later.

Choice personal account  >  Fill out your LOCAL CHECKING ACCOUNT (No Credit or Debit card). Then tick two box to AGREE TERM and FEES  >  Submit

How to get SWIFT Code? Ok, Please visit your bank website and find it, may be at the footer of website or email from the bank or as bank’s customer service.

Below are photo of SWIFT code which I take from Vietcomebank Viet Nam Site.

Ok, just done at first

Next to check your email (2 emails will be sent by Payoneer, if not found inbox, please check at JUNK-Email).

1st email: You have to confirm this email and verification > Then click “VERIFY MY EMAIL” > then Log-in your account.

2nd email: no need to confirm, it just an email confirmation from Payoneer are on progress approval your account.

Next > FIRST Log In your account as email and password registered

Next: continues select 2 security questions and answer it > Next

Well Done, You are complete the account.

After completion of sign up, approval process shall be within 3-5 working days. After that you will receive the approved account via email. 

You need to log-in and then to make the request of Prepaid Master Card (free for first time). 

After completion of the request, you will receive an email for tracing "PrePaid Master Card" as your address registration.

Done, You can check your account at: Receive > Global Payment Service like US, Canada, UK, EUR, GBP, etc as below photo.


Paypal is a bigger payment in the world, you can either receive money and transfer money. But you need a credit card or debit card to add on it.

If you want to order material or books, you may use Paypal for charging online with 2.5% fees and included exchange rate. 

If you want to receive money from your Owner, I recommend to use Payoneer. Because Paypal is always control your funds when you are received up to 10,000 usd, or limits your account.

 How to sign up a Paypal account?

First: click to link and fill your information at : Paypal

Second: Filling out your credit card or debit card

Third: verification of your account and link your card (If you want to order materal, don't miss this step).

Which documents must available during sign up?

  • Your ID card for verification at final submission of personal document,
  • Email (gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc) for access paypal account,
  • Your phone number for verification,
  • Local debit or credit card for payment
  • Your address to received billing
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