Welder Performance Qualification Test (ASME IX)

When welder is required re-qualification?
Who has not welded greater than 6 months as QW-322.1.
Any change of essential variable listed for each process as QW-416.

How to renewal of qualification?
Welder shall conduct one test coupon/product on either plate or pipe, of any material or thickness as QW-322.2 (a).

Welder prepares the PQR, does he pass welding performance as QW-350?
Yes, who is also qualified within the limits of performance qualification, read more QW-301.2.

Renewal of qualification shall conduct only test coupon/product on any process, or material, etc.
Revocation of qualification shall require to re-qualification as QW-301.

Recommend to prepare the test coupon (groove weld)

Preparation for testing

  1. A qualified welding procedure must available and approval.
  2. Organization responsibilities as QG-106.2.
  3. Base material and welding consumable must available.
  4. If invitation of classification society to endorse documents, welding consumable’s MTC and WPS must available for review and approved by class rules..
  5. Weld groove preparation are accordance with approval WPS.

    Welding consumables most use
    ASME SFA 5.1: Carbon steel electrode for SMAW.
    ASME SFA 5.4: Stainless steel electrode for SMAW.
    ASME SFA 5.5: Low alloy steel electrode for SMAW
    ASME SFA 5.9: Bare stainless steel for welding electrode and rod.
    ASME SFA 5.17: Carbon steel electrode and fluxes for SAW.
    ASME SFA 5.18: Carbon steel electrodes and rods GTAW, GMAW.
    ASME SFA 5.20: Carbon steel electrode for FCAW.
    ASME SFA 5.22: Stainless steel electrode for FCAW.
    ASME SFA 5.23: Low alloy steel electrode and fuxes for SAW.
    ASME SFA 5.28: Low alloy steel electrode and rods for GTAW and GMAW.
    ASME SFA 5.32: Welding shielding gas.
    ASME SFA 5.36: Opening classification for gas metal arc welding.

Official the testing

  • Set-up of the test coupon are accordance with approval WPS. (1G, 3G, 6G, etc).
  • Welder ID card must available for verification by third party.
  • Tool for inspection are available such as touch flash, welding gauges, multi amperage, leveling, pure detector for check purging gas (stainless steel), temperature record (preferable TempilStik).
  • Setting up welding parameter accordance with the WPS.
    Marking the test coupon such as welder ID, position, location of test specimen (figure QW-463.2).

[Note 1]    6G must be marked up a line by paint marker at top and bottom for identification. Its location shall identify on mechanical test (QW-463.2) or RT test.

[Note 2]    GMAW, FCAW must conduct on material thickness above 10 mm and in additional side bend test due to more project specification the test.

[Note 3] Learn more ​measurement of preheat temperature

Type of Test Required

Welder qualification shall be passed mechanical test or alternative volumetric NDE and visual examination.

Visual Inspection (QW-194)
Performance test coupons shall show no crack and complete joint penetration with complete fusion of weld metal and base metal (inside and outside).

Mechanical Test QW-302.1 and table 452.1 (a)
Side bend: 4 specimens (learn more QW-302.3).
Root bend: 1 specimen.
Face bend: 1 specimen.
Tube-to-tubesheet test (QW-193.2).
Five mockup weld are required to qualify each welder.

Volumetric NDE (QW-190)
RT acceptance criteria: QW-191.1.2
UT acceptance criteria: QW-191.2.3

Test records

Bring all essential variable QW-350 to welder qualification certificates (Suggest for QW-484) or template here.
Type of test and test results.
The range of qualification.

QW-402 Joints
QW-402.4 or .7: Deletion or addition of backing, (back weld or back gouging, double weld are considered a backing)

QW-403 Base metal
QW-403.16: Change pipe diameter (QW-452)
QW-403.18: Change P-Number (QW-422 and QW-423 for alternative base metal qualification).

QW-404 Filler metal
QW-404.14: Deletion or addition filler metal
QW-404.15: Change F-Number (QW-432 and QW-433)
QW-404.22: Omission or addition insert (None)
QW-404.23: Change product form, (GTAW (solid rod) can not use electrode SMAW(flux coated)
QW-404.30: change t weld deposit (QW-452.1 (b) for welder qualified by volumetric NDE).
QW-404.32: t limits (for GMAW process only ).

QW-405 Positions
QW-405.1: Addition position (6G qualified for all positions)
QW-405.3: Change vertical welding (change uphill to downhill and vice versa, check welding electode)

QW-408 Gas
QW-408.7: Change type fuel gas (Change 100%CO2 to 100% Argon, etc)
QW-408.8: Omission gas (qualification of stainless steel required backing gas by argon, if he would like to weld carbon steel material, backing gas by argon must not be omission).

QW-409 Electrical
QW-409.2: Change transfer mode (for GMAW)
QW-409.4: Change current or polarity (not allowed the change from DCEN to DCEP and vice versa)

[Note 1] QW-403.16: A change in the pipe diameter beyond the range qualified in QW-452.

(a) Groove weld of SET-ON nozzle shall be based on the nozzle or branch pipe O.D.

(b) Groove weld of SET-IN nozzle shall be based on the shell, head or pipe run O.D.

[Note 2] Tube-to-Tubesheet welder qualification are separated in accordance wwith QW-303.5

Renewal of qualification

Renewal of qualification may be done on test coupon/production work by RT or UT reports (QW-322.2)

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